Admission for 2021 are open. What you need to know, how do you apply?

EEC Admission for 2021 are open
Over the past decade or more, Ukraine has transitioned into a popular higher study destination for branches such as medical, surgery, dentistry, nursing, engineering, and aviation. There are more than 400 universities in Ukraine and a large number of them offer globally recognized and affordable courses to international students. Many of the Ukrainian universities are centuries old and among the best in Europe and offer good infrastructure and English medium instruction/communication for the convenience of the foreign students.
As the admission for the 2021 batches has started, many of the young aspirants would like to know how to get admission to Ukrainian universities(the application process). In this article, we will take a tour of the admission process and related topics to give them a fair idea of the same.
The admission processes in Ukraine universities can be divided into three parts –
  • Choosing the course and the university
  • Applying to the respective university and receiving the invitation to study
  • Getting the student visa and arriving in Ukraine to complete details of the admission process

Choosing the course and the university

Reputation and course fees are the two major criteria for the selection of universities if you are considering studying in Ukraine. The below table provides the approximate fee packages for MBBS in some of the leading universities in Ukraine.
Ukraine University Fees at a glance
Name of the UniversityFee for 1st year Fee per annum(2nd -6th)Total course feeAdmission site
Kyiv Medical University6000 USD4500 USD28500 USDClick here
Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy5650 USD4900 USD30150 USDClick here
Vinnytsia National Medical University4400 USD4400 USD35200 USDClick here
Ivano Frankivsk Medical University4000 USD4000 USD31800 USDClick here
Kharkiv Intl. Medical University4000 USD4000 USD32800 USDClick here
Zaporizhzhya State Medical University4500 USD4500 USD35500 USDClick here
O.O. Bogomolets National Medical university4300 USD4300 USD35300 USDClick here
Ternopil State Medical University4000 USD4000 USD32800 USDClick here
Odessa National Medical university4370 USDVary between 4500 – 5800 USD39800 USDClick here
V.N. Karazin National University4500 USD4500 USDData not foundClick here
Donetsk National Medical University4000 USD4000 USD33400 USDClick here
Ukraine MBBS duration is 6 years. The ‘total course fees’ provide a comprehensive cost idea over the entire course duration that includes tuition fee, hostel accommodation fee, medical insurance, remuneration to the center, MCI coaching for the complete duration of the course, escorting from airport to the university, one phone call to parents upon reaching the university, study material in English language, documentation in English for the foreign students, translator services to the foreign students, and the like in the academic session.

Applying to the respective university to receive the invitation to study(application for admission)

You will have to apply to the chosen university for the ‘Invitation to Study’, which is the most important document that ensures the university and the govt. of Ukraine’s education department accept and approve of you to study in Ukraine. Following are the steps to be followed at this stage:
  • Apply to your chosen university by filling an online application form available on the respective website.
  • Provide scanned copies of the below list of documents:
    • Copy of your valid passport
    • Copy of school and college leaving certificates (up to the most recent educational achievement)
    • Copy of personal data application form downloaded, filled, and signed by you. This form is established by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education & Science and is mandatory for all applicants.
  • Make online payment for ‘Invitation to Study letter’, which includes
    • charges for Invitation letter (around 200 USD)
    • Visa support letter (around 50 USD), and
    • express courier service (By post 45 USD, by courier 100 USD).
After all the above processes are completed you’ll receive the letter of ‘Invitation to Study’ delivered to your address within 5-7 working days

Getting Student Visa and arriving in Ukraine

You can apply for a Student Visa only after you have received the original letter of ‘Invitation to Study’.
Following are the steps for obtaining a ‘Student Visa.’ For more information on this, please visit

Step 1. Visa application

You need to apply for visa type ‘D’ to the Ukraine visa application centers. You also need to pay a non-refundable fee for the consular interview and processing of your student visa to the concerned department.
Plan your travel and submit all documents in advance. Register through the online system for visa interview (only via the official website of the respective Ukrainian embassy

Step 2. Preparation for Visa Interview

After the submission of the documents, you’ll have to appear for the consular’s interview. This is a very important step in the process of obtaining a student visa.

Step 3. Receiving Visa

Normally it takes nearly 30 days to receive a Visa at your address. You’ll be informed about your VISA status either by call or mail. If all your documents and contact details are correct the VISA arrival may be faster, You can track your application here –

Step 4. Preparing for travel to Ukraine

Once you have received your student visa you should book a flight ticket to Ukraine and must inform the concerned university about your arrival well before it is scheduled. The following details should be furnished in your correspondence:
  • Flight Number
  • Flight Departure Time
  • Flight Arrival Time
  • VISA Details
  • Passport number
You’ll be received and escorted to the university from the airport.
European Education Consultancy(EEC) can help you with admission, visa process & getting a letter of invitation from the top universities of your choice in Ukraine. If you don’t know the admission process, visa process, or education eligibility for Studying in Ukraine, just get in touch with us and we will guide you with all the details. Please fill up the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.