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Today, European Education Consultancy (EEC) is the leading agency that provides student visa to study abroad and provides support to prospective future students, while rendering all possible services to international students already studying in Ukraine. We are fully committed and dedicated to solve any issue students may have, from the first day of contact until the day of graduation so that they feel, they are at home away from home.
We at EEC, are here to help you. Our experienced team will resolve any queries related to studying in Ukraine. You can reach out to us through email, phone, or chat application of your convenience. If you want to know about the visa process for Ukraine, the admission process for Ukraine or just interested to know what will be your future options after studying in Ukraine, our team will guide you personally at your time of convenience. Feel free to reach out to us.
An invitation letter is a document that is legally required for each applicant to be able to apply for a student visa at the Embassy of Ukraine in their home country. Once the admission has been confirmed by the university of your choice, we will start the process of applying to the Ministry of Education & Science(MES) in Ukraine to get approval for the issuance of the invitation letter. The original invitation letter will be sent to you at the earliest, wherever you are located so that you can start with the process of applying for your visa. The Support Letter for Visa is the confirmation of the Invitation Letter, a compulsory requirement needed to apply for a visa which is sent by MES to the concerned Ukrainian Embassy of the applicant. Without it, the respective embassy will not consider the visa application. Hence, we as official representatives apply for such a letter on applicant’s behalf.
You can land at any airport of your choice. You can either use Kyiv (Boryspil KBP) International Airport, which is the most preferred airport for international students. However, you may also arrive at Kyiv(IEV) International Airport, Kharkiv International Airport, and several others depending on where you are going to study. You can also use any airline of your choice as most international airlines fly to these airports several times a day. This can be Turkish Airlines, British Airways, KLM airlines, Royal Jordanian, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Lufthansa, El Al Israel Airlines, Air Astana, Austrian Airlines, Air France, Delta, and many others.

At the university, our representative will assist you through the whole registration process. Once again, it is important that you bring your original documents with you, all the documents that were required for you to be admitted to the university, and procuring a visa. An in-house medical examination will be done by the university, and you will be issued with a temporary student residential permit, which will be valid for the number of years of study. You will also be issued with a hostel identity card, student card, and other academic materials needed for the first academic year. The weather in Ukraine starts to get colder from October.

Therefore, students arriving in October should come dressed in good warm clothing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.

All international students accepted at Ukrainian universities are guaranteed hostel accommodation. Students can also choose to live in an apartment. However, we advise students to at least stay in the hostel for the first year, until he/she becomes familiar with the Ukrainian culture, rules, and regulations.

When receiving the students at the airport, we will also provide transport to the university hostel, regardless of the time of arrival. This is why we also need to know your date of arrival so that the hostel official is informed and your hostel room (blankets, linen, mattress, pillow, etc.) is prepared for your arrival.

Leaving home to study overseas, far away from your family and friends can be a little stressful for some students. We understand that many of the students are very young and they need as much support as they can get.

Hence, we are committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves in assisting our students to adapt to their new environment, make them feel at home, and always be there for them for the complete duration of their study.

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