How to get student visa at Ukraine?

Studying in Ukraine at the graduate or post-graduate level is one of the best ways to hone your skills. Get Details of Ukraine Visa Requirements below, where the applicant is required to prepare a full package of documents requested by the Embassy along with the Invitation for Study.

To get student visa, you only need two things

Letter of invitation from the concerned university

The invitation letter is sent from the university to the Center and then on to you. The Center has a policy of using DHL due to its reliability internationally. It typically takes one to four weeks for the invitation letter to be issued, depending on the university of choice and how long it takes for your documents to be cleared by Ukrainian authorities.

Documents required to study in Ukraine

To obtain student visa, an applicant must

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    Something to remember after you get your visa to study in Ukraine

    After you get your VISA and have fixed your arrival date and time, be sure to share the same information with your university. Also, give them details of your flight. This is a necessary step. If you need someone to meet you, or someone you know is reaching you, you need to mention this to the University as well, as they will need to arrange it accordingly. The University will send these details to border control before your arrival. After you arrive, you may have to give an interview during border control procedures so that officers can verify your authenticity. If you follow the above steps, you will be ready to visit abroad for further study in Ukraine. Remember to prepare well and have all the required documents with you.