Aviation Universities

Ukraine has a history of education, training, and research on aviation and space missions. Get Admission at top National Aerospace universities in Ukraine because studying aviation in Ukraine is considered a coveted platform in the international aviation industry.
A famous name in the field of specialty training on civil aviation with over 200000 alumni of acclaimed scientists… More
Pioneer in the development of the turbo-jet engine for the high-speed aeroplane in Europe and now a unique higher…More

Kharkiv University Of Air Force

Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
A multidisciplinary higher educational institution with level 4 accreditation for a comprehensive Air Force training… More
The aviation industry is expected to continue as the mainstay in the increasingly globalized business activities, Making it good sense for those aspiring to a career in aviation to pursue suitable education/training programs in the top aviation universities in Ukraine. The highly recognized aviation degrees from the best aviation universities in Ukraine render students the job opportunities at the best companies in aviation and aircraft manufacturing/ repairing industries in the world. EEC is committed to providing the aspirants with comprehensive information regarding the scopes of study and training in the top aviation universities in Ukraine. Select the right course from the list of aviation universities/colleges given here.