How expensive is Ukraine? Cost of living in Ukraine for Indian students

How expensive is Ukraine_ Cost of living in Ukraine for Indian students
Now that Ukraine has become a major destination for higher education in the field of medicine, engineering, pharmacy, etc., with thousands of students from India and many countries making a beeline for various Ukrainian universities, some of the common questions asked by many aspiring students and their parents are how expensive is Ukraine and what’s the cost of living in Ukraine for the Indian students.
Their concern is legitimate, given the fact that the university hostel accommodations need to cope up with the rising influx of foreign students – Ukraine prides itself on having the most number of international students among the European countries.
But the good news, and probably one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Ukraine as a leading center of a high quality of education, is that the universities in Ukraine have a natural ecosystem of education developed around them, also called student cities. Students enjoy a fairly good quality of life in Ukraine with urban living and study facilities at much cheaper prices than most other European countries.
If we look at the living expenses pertaining to studyng in Ukraine for Indian students, there’ll be many components to consider such as accommodation, food, transport, medical treatment and so on. In this article, we’ll try to peer into all these aspects to make a realistic idea of the cost of living in Ukraine.


Although living in a university hostel is the best option for Indian students, especially in the 1st year due to convenience and safety reasons, they can choose to rent an apartment outside the campus from the second year onwards.

There are multiple types of private accommodations to choose from, the price of which depends on factors such as district, number of rooms, and facilities such as water, heating, gas, electricity, and the Internet. Also, there is the option to stay with a family. The below tables give roundabout price ideas of the hostels and other accommodation types –

University hostel charges per year in US$

Accommodation including water, gas, electricity (In Kyiv) 850 – 1,550
Accommodation including water, gas, electricity (Other cities) 550 – 850

Private apartments charges per month in US$

Accommodation without water, gas, electricity (In Kyiv) 650 – 5,550

Student apartment charges per month in US$

Single room without water, gas, electricity (Other cities) 150 – 350
Double room without water, gas, electricity 250 – 450

PG accommodation with family per month in US$

Single room with breakfast (per person) 150 – 630
Double room with breakfast (per person) 400 – 500
Single room with breakfast and dinner (per person) 610 – 920
Double room with breakfast and dinner (per person) 710 – 800

Hotel charges per day in US$

Single room 60 – 300
Double room (two people) 105 – 400

Apartments are generally close to cafes, shops, bus stops, etc. and allow students independent living with opportunities to cook their own meals, albeit at a higher cost of living.

Students should search through newspaper ads, the Internet or contact real estate agencies for suitable accommodation. Also, they can also approach the university to help find suitable accommodation that can be shared with other students.


Ukraine has a very good transportation system that allows students to travel all over the country. While long-distance travel can be accomplished by buses, trains, and flights, for local transport one can avail buses, taxis, trams, trolleybuses, metro rail, etc.

The fares in buses and trams will be around US$ 0.15, and for taxis it will be around $US2 + US$ 0.40 per 1 km.

In large cities like Kiyv, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, etc., the city subway trains are available with tickets costing around US$ 0.12.

Travel passes are available for students to use at public transport (Subway Trains, trolleybuses). Such travel passes don’t cost more than US$ 20 for a month.

The cost of train ticket for a distance of 500 km. is around US$ 12-15 The cost of flight ticket for a distance of 500 km. is around US$ 250

Students with valid student cards can claim at least 30% – 50% rebate on bus or train tickets while travelling across the country in Ukraine.

For international travels, the university students can have a minimum of 10% – 30% discount on air tickets.


Ukraine has a rich variety of farm and dairy products with diverse cooking traditions. Plenty of different types of foods are available in the shops, supermarkets, and agricultural markets at cheap prices. For example, for US$ 5 one can buy 4 kg. of potatoes, 4 kg. of onions, 3 lit. of milk, and 3 dozens of eggs. Bakery products are also not costly – two big loaves of bread will come at a price of US$ 1.

Also, there are many cafes, restaurants, and fast-food centers available where one can visit for different cuisines.

Medical services

Students at most government universities are offered free medical services at specialized hospitals. However, they may opt for medical services at private hospitals on a chargeable basis.

Books & stationeries

Although textbooks are mostly available in the university libraries students may still have to buy some books from outside, which aren’t costly in general. For the stationeries, a bundle of 1000 papers will cost between US$3 and US$5. Pen, pencils and other items are also priced reasonably.
If you have any questions regarding the cost of living in Ukraine, fee structure of universities, hostel feel, eligibility criteria, travel health insurance, admissions form or visa application form for studying in Ukraine, feel free to get in touch with our experienced staff to guide you with any queries you might have regarding study & work in Ukraine.