Advantages and Disadvantages of doing MBBS in Ukraine

The fateful year of 2020-21 has just been over and the world is gearing up to face some uphill economic challenges created by the pandemic. As the countries are struggling to navigate through the tumultuous situations, the education sector, one of the worst-hit areas is clawing back to normalcy by setting new priorities and standards for the students.
One full year got wasted from the lives of the students, especially affecting those who couldn’t pursue their higher study due to lockdown and now are under pressure to find a rewarding career option that will help them make up for the loss, as much as possible.
Studying MBBS is an all-time best career option, even more so post COVID-19.
Medical studies, MBBS, and higher degrees are acknowledged as one of the most respected professions in any society in the world, and one of the most rewarding too. There is always a high demand for good doctors who can seek opportunities in the government and private hospitals besides opting for private practice.
And the demand for doctors has never been greater, considering the restructuring of the healthcare systems in most countries post-COVID and the loss of lives of such a large number of COVID warriors.
Although the number of MBBS aspirants in India is huge, the number of seats available is very low. A recent study shows while the no. of aspirants is upwards of 17 Lakh, the total no. of seats is barely 83000, including the govt. and private medical colleges. This is what causes a large number of students to travel to other countries to study medicine every year (especially Ukraine).

Studying medicine in Ukraine

Ukraine, for decades now, has established itself as a popular destination for Indian students when it comes to studying medicine in foreign universities. Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe, has been at the forefront of medical and technological studies and researches, which was further reinforced by its integration into a European higher education system by joining the Bologna process in 2005.
With many of its advanced and renowned universities offering internationally recognized medical and technological courses to thousands of foreign students, Ukraine stands out with some clear-cut benefits in terms of standard of living, quality learning (low tuition fees), high teaching quality, and good career support.
Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of studying MBBS in Ukraine:


  • No entrance exam – No need to appear for the entrance exam. The students need to have passed the minimum 10+2 standard with 50% marks in the PCB combination. The age limit for admission is 24 years.
  • Lower cost of fees – No donation or capitation fees, low cost of education in most medical universities due to high subsidy by the Ukraine govt.
  • Quality education – Internationally accredited courses with English medium of instruction and a substantial amount of practical training.
  • English medium instruction – This helps international students, especially from the Indian subcontinent.
  • Bilateral student exchange programs – Student exchange programs that allow students to study and work in Ukraine with partner establishments or universities within the European Union or outside it.
  • Summer jobs training vacations – Internship opportunities in countries like the UK, Sweden, etc.
  • Participation in Seminars – Opportunities to participate in Seminars/Symposia/Project Works in other European countries.
  • Visiting professors – Education enrichment through visiting professors from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Europe, India.
  • Chances of settling in a foreign country – A rewarding medical career can be pursued anywhere in the world with more chances of settling in the European country.
  • Safe and Secure – Peaceful environment with social harmony


  • MCI Screening Test – As per the ruling of the Medical Council Of India (MCI) an Indian student after obtaining a foreign degree in medicine, has to clear a licensing exam conducted by the MCI, once they decide to return and practice in India as a doctor.
    This applies to all students with MBBS from any foreign university returning to India and is not specifically meant for the students studying MBBS in Ukraine. However, the universities in Ukraine provide special coaching to Indian students, which they find very helpful to clear the MCI test easily.
  • Language barrier – Ukrainian and Russian languages are predominant in Ukraine, but that has got nothing to do with the courses offered by the Ukrainian universities to English-speaking foreign students. The Indian students can choose English as their language for instructions and all other correspondences.
    However, if a student decides to settle in Ukraine after the study program then it’s helpful to learn the local language for better communication with the native people.
  • Culture – Cultural change is a given when migrating from one country to another and it takes time to adapt to the new culture and way of life. However, people are very friendly and welcoming in Ukraine making the stay very comfortable.
  • Weather – The weather in Ukraine is generally colder than in India, and it can take a while to get adapted to it. However, all hostels and universities are equipped with warming equipment making sure that the weather does not hamper the student’s stay or studies in Ukraine.
  • Indian Food – Another thing that most students complain about is the lack of Indian food venues in Ukraine. However, that is changing very fast as the number of Indian students grows year on year. Hostels also provide separate kitchens where students can cook their food with other students. Indian mess is also there near the hostel itself
If you have any questions regarding the cost of living in Ukraine, fee structure of universities, hostel feel, eligibility criteria, travel health insurance, admissions form, or visa application form for studying in Ukraine, feel free to get in touch with our experienced staff to guide you with any queries you might have regarding study & work in Ukraine.