What are the benefits after studying in Ukraine?

India is at a unique advantage of having the largest population of young people (under 25 years of age) that aspire to achieve economic mobility through education. And a good number of them, 7- 8 Lakh every year, fly abroad for international degrees.
A recent survey on what counts for Indian students studying abroad showed that tuition fees, teaching quality, and career support by the university are the major parameters that influence their selection of the countries and universities for higher study.
That’s reasonable, considering the majority of international students represent the burgeoning middle-income families that are opting for education loans with expectations that a global degree will help their children find jobs and pay off the loans.

Why study in Ukraine?

Ukraine scores high on the students’ list of choices for higher education destinations due to obvious reasons such as:
  • Globally recognized programs in medicine, aviation, engineering & hospitality
  • Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized degrees in 9 medical universities
  • Much lower tuition fees for medical, engineering, and aviation degrees compared to that in other countries
  • Low cost of living
  • English as a medium of instruction
  • No entrance exam required for professional courses & student visa
Apart from these benefits of studying in Ukraine, there are a few other reasons that work in favour of studying in Ukraine, such as the possibility of permanent residency in Europe, availability of part-time jobs in Ukraine while studying, and the opportunity to study, work and settle in other countries. We have already spoken about Can you work and studying in Ukraine?, read about it to get more information

European Higher Education Standard at a very competitive cost structure

Ukraine is a member country of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which is a group of 49 countries and the European Commission that has formed the so-called Bologna process to ensure uniform academic degree standards and quality assurance standards through mutual cooperation and exchange programs.
This makes Ukrainian degrees recognized globally (even by UNESCO, WHO, European Association of Universities and European Union) and accepted as equal with degrees of other participating countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, to name a few.
But the cost of higher study in Ukraine is significantly lower than these countries. Let’s take a glance at the tuition fees for the non-EU/EEA students in some of the EU and EHEA countries to prove this point.
Foreign students from countries outside the European Union/ European Economic Area are called Non-EU/EEA students (Indian students to be treated as non-EU/EEA students), who have to pay at the below-mentioned rates

5000 – 30000 Euro/ academic year for Bachelor’s programmes in France
6500 – 26000 Euro/ academic year for Bachelor’s programmes in Germany
6000 – 15000 Euro/ academic year for Bachelor’s programmes in Austria
5000 – 13000 Euro/ academic year for Bachelor’s programmes in Finland
1000 – 4500 Euro/ academic year for Bachelor’s programmes in Ukraine

Bologna process defines the standard of Ukrainian higher education

As part of the Bologna Process, the member countries of the EHEA follow the three cycles of a higher education system that lead to Bachelor’s degrees in the 1st cycle, Master’s degrees in the 2nd cycle, and Doctoral degrees in the 3rd.
The post-Graduate program combines Masters and Doctorate courses and is backed by a higher level of training, both in the specific discipline and in inter-disciplinary areas (applicable in the Master’s courses) that improves competences in a professional or academic field.
Another great aspect that makes higher study in the EHEA system unique and rewarding is the introduction of ECTS credit points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System): By this standard, one course or module is worth the same at any university across the EHEA, and students can study and live in different European nations during their study period.
The ECTS credit point system allows students to
  1. Change universities 
  2. Exchange semesters between universities
  3. Apply for Masters or Ph.D. courses after a Bachelor’s degree.
The students find this system very advantageous because they have the option to switch to any university within EHEA if they are not satisfied with teaching, living, or any other matter without having to sacrifice in terms of study.
Also, they can choose to study a specific subject for one or two semesters in another university within EHEA through the student exchange program.
Ukraine offers competitive and cost-effective educational opportunities. Over the years, Ukrainian universities have developed their infrastructure and education systems to be reckoned among the top 10 global destinations for higher education.
Indian students who graduated from Ukrainian universities are well recognised and often get settled in European and other countries. A lot of students prefer to stay back and work in Ukraine after finishing their degrees. However, if they decide to return to India, their international degree and work experience definitely put them in an advantageous position.
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