Top five budget universities in Ukraine that are also known for quality education

Post Covid, the number of international students opting to study in foreign universities have increased many fold. According to an US agency study, it’s a nearly 25% jump compared to the previous year.
Ukraine is reporting a great number of Indian student influx successively in the last few years, which is likely to be repeated this year too. If this news makes you surprised, many people including me would advise you to update your knowledge.

Ukraine, over the past ten years, has made a name for itself as an international higher education center. With its 800+ universities (each having many affiliated colleges and institutions), rich legacy of higher education and research, hostel facilities, and commitment to the Bologna process as an EHEA member country, Ukraine has already had an infrastructure and ecosystem for advanced studies better than many of its peers, but what particularly made it a study destination of choice for a large number of international students are the factors such as:

  1. Universally recognized courses
  2. English medium study,
  3. Quality education at low cost
  4. Cheaper accommodation, transport, and food
  5. Friendly environment and comfortable climate

Ukraine universities are known to charge affordable tuition fees, but in this article we have selected the cheapest ones among them to help aspiring students with budget constraints.

Uzhgorod national university
Course Duration MCI approved Tuition Fees (2021-22 onwards)
MD (Doctor of Medicine) equivalent to MBBS 6 years Yes USD 3500 per annum
As per the international scientometric data, Uzhhorod National University has a stable ranking among the top ten scientific institutions in Ukraine with quality of education.
The university has an impressive alumni that includes 150 doctors of science, 136 candidates of science, 57 Doctors Honoris Causa, 12 laureates of State prize, 2 corresponding members of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, multiple medical programs,higher levels of study, and more.
More than 1.5 million documents ready on various storage media make up the university research library. It has a readership of over 20.000 people. Its depository receives around 15,000 Ukrainian and foreign papers, as well as approximately 250 academic journals.
The university has academic and research partnership with nearly 86 institutes in 17 countries.
kyiv medical university
Course Duration MCI approved Tuition Fees (2021-22 onwards)
MD (Doctor of Medicine) equivalent to MBBS 6 years Yes USD 3500 – 3700 per annum
Kyiv Medical University is Considered one of the top medical universities in Ukraine and one of the largest Ukrainian private universities in the European countries. 35% of its nearly 3200 students enrolled are foreign students from 56 countries.
Established in 1992 by Dr Pokanevich Valeriy and recognized by WHO, MCI, UNESCO, GMC, and FAIMERKMU, KMU provides quality education in the fields of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy with emphasis on practical projects to help students acquire knowledge holistically.
The university has over 400 professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers and tutors. The university education institution also sends students to practice in Poland or Germany.
kharkiv national medical university
Course Duration MCI approved Tuition Fees (2021-22 onwards)
MD (Doctor of Medicine) equivalent to MBBS 6 years Yes USD 4000 per annum
The 200 year old KNMU is an innovative, multidisciplinary higher education center today that produces highly qualified medical professionals as per the world standard. The city of Kharkiv, 2nd largest in Ukraine and also the most industrially advanced, houses 300,000 students of which over 12000 are from foreign countries.
KNMU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are recognised by all leading world bodies such as WHO, UNESCO, the European Federation of Physiological Societies, General Medical Council (UK) and Medical Council of India (MCI) among others.
The university has highly qualified academicians and professionals, including 150 doctors of science and 590 PhDs. To impart training to the medical students. It also has academic and research partnership arrangements with 77 institutions in 24 countries. Students are offered the budget cost of accommodation facilities in KNMU.
Ternopil state medical university
Course Duration MCI approved Tuition Fees (2021-22 onwards)
MD (Doctor of Medicine) equivalent to MBBS 6 years Yes USD 4100 per annum
TNMU is a tertiary medical school on the cutting edge of medical education and research, which has until now produced 25000 graduates and about 40000 specialists spread across Ukraine and many other countries.
It is constantly growing and developing, with the goal of becoming a preeminent and long-lasting academic research institution for the training of highly skilled and competitive professionals who are recognised by their peers around the world and who are confident that their education is in demand in today’s society.
TNMU currently has 48 departments and 4 research institutes that are comprised of the medical faculty, faculty of dentistry, faculty of pharmacy, faculty of international students, faculty of postgraduates, morphology, medical and biological problems, pharmacology, hygiene & medical biochemistry, modelling and analysis of pathological processes and more.
Course Duration MCI approved Tuition Fees (2021-22 onwards)
MD (Doctor of Medicine) equivalent to MBBS 6 years Yes USD 4500 – 4850 per annum
Zaporozhye State Medical University (ZSMU) is a privately-funded institution of higher education in Ukraine that provides Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in medicine and pharmacy, as well as doctorate on different medical and pharmaceutical subjects.
Zaporizhzhya State Medical University is one of the few Ukraine medical universities with its own training-scientific facility, the “University Clinic,” where practical classes are held and medical assistance is provided. To undertake fundamental and applied scientific research, the University possesses unique equipment such as computer tomographs, ultrasonic diagnosis devices, angiographic and endoscopic examinations, radioisotope diagnosis, and many others.
Around10200 students, postgraduates, interns, students of refresher courses, teachers-probationers, masters and clinical residents study at ZSMU, out of which over 2200 are foreign students from 40 countries. About 10500 specialists who received medical and pharmaceutical degrees are now working in more than 100 countries of the world, taking up high positions in the public health systems of their countries.
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