MBBS in Ukraine, is it beneficial? Should I consider?


Opportunities for medical professionals in Ukraine

The Covid 19 onslaughts have battered the healthcare systems brutally in most countries – a stark reality with optimism on the horizon that the large craters it has created are now about to be filled with the rains of opportunities for medical students. The world has woken up to the need for reinforcing public health and an MBBS degree is poised to become the most in-demand degree.
If one applies simple logic, one of the topmost priority areas is going to be rebuilding of the medical infrastructure in all countries, which will require a large number of competent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

A boon for the Internationally accredited medical courses from Ukraine

Some states in the USA have already taken steps to make immigration easier for foreign-trained doctors in order to bolster their workforce. And there is every indication that other countries will take similar steps.
Medical studies and practice have great uniformity all over the world. Doctors with internationally recognized qualifications possess a natural advantage. Ukrainian universities offer a full range of undergraduate or postgraduate degrees that are recognized by the health councils of most countries including organisations like Medical Council of India, WHO, UNESCO, et al. A medical student from Ukraine can find jobs in South America or anywhere else in the world.
English being the language of instruction for the foreign students in the Ukrainian medical universities gives the Indian students an extra advantage. However, one may need to learn the local language if English isn’t widely spoken in the country where he/she is applying for a job. This is essential because communication with the patients is required to diagnose their problems.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine for the Indian students

  • Many leading universities in Europe are situated in Ukraine
  • Globally recognized programs, recognized especially by the Medical Council of India.
  • No donation or capitation fees.
  • No need to clear English language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • High standard of education in Ukraine.
  • Special attention to Indian students for clearing the MCI screening test.
  • Low cost of study and boarding.
  • Regular and online classes.
  • Well organized research and Seminars.
  • Live practical training.
  • Internship program and exchange programs with the leading medical institutes in many countries.
  • Beautiful climate and sites for travelling and leisure.
  • 50% discount on flight or train tickets
  • Very safe environment for medical studies.
The internship and exchange programs with many of the European and UK based universities provide students with opportunities to train and study in different countries and develop a global perspective.
Ukraine has always been considered a centre of education in Europe with great contributions in the field of medical studies and other scientific discoveries and inventions to erstwhile Soviet Union of which it was a part before becoming an independent country. Foreign students who graduated from the leading Ukrainian universities get settled in many countries. A large number of them are Indian students who land good opportunities in India and elsewhere.
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