EEC Guaranteed admission in Ukrainian university! How we can help?

The Indian students are increasingly opting for more international exposure and competitiveness. This is good for the country’s economy. Around half a million of Indian students apply for student visas every year to study in foreign universities, of which a large number flock to Ukrainian universities.
Medical universities in Ukraine are the most popular destinations Indian students as they offer some real benefits both academically and monetarily, such as:
  • Good quality of education,
  • High recognition for the courses,
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • No entrance exams,
  • Low tuition fees

Leading medical universities in Ukraine

Admission procedure for the medical universities in Ukraine.

We can broadly divide admission process for the foreign students in Ukraine medical universities into following steps:
  • Selection of the university,
  • Application process to the university
  • Receive the Invitation letter
  • Receiving the student visa
  • Travel to Ukraine
  • Registration with the university
The admission process to the Ukraine universities is straightforward. You can try it yourself directly. However, it’s not always as smooth as it should be because of many factors that may leave a student struggling to get admission to his/her preferred university. A professional agency can help avert such difficulties through guidance and effective coordination.
EEC offers expert services to ensure admission and helps with everything throughout a student’s study in Ukraine. Get an idea of how we help students at every stage of the admission process and beyond.

Selection of the university

To select the right university in Ukraine for an MD course (equivalent to MBBS in India) visit . Learn important information about Ukraine medical universities, medicine program, application deadline, fee structure, selection process, and more.
There you’ll find all medical universities in Ukraine that are cost effective and recognized by MCI. Some universities provide special training to the students to pass the MCI screening test. If you have budget constraints, you can search for cheap universities. 
Visit our blog section at  to get more information about Ukraine such as accommodation options, cost of living, food expenses, travel costs, part-time job opportunities, so on and so forth.

Application process to the universities

Scanned copies of the following documents are required for application:
  1. Copy of your valid passport
  2. Copy of school and college leaving certificates (up to the most recent educational achievement)
You just mail your request along with scanned copies of documents to us at  [email protected]  We will download and fill up the personal data application form and send it to you for your signature. This form will be checked by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education & Science and is mandatory for all applicants. 

Evaluation of Documents

Because different universities have distinct requirements, each application is examined independently. Following the university’s review of the documents, each prospective applicant will be notified of their admission status. 

Invitation for study

Once admission is confirmed, the invitation letter is issued by the concerned university for the visa procedure. EEC coordinates with the university closely to make sure that the “Invitation for study” and visa support letter reach the applicant in 5-7 days.

Acquiring Student Visa

Here you enter the most crucial stage of the entire process because visa is awarded on the basis of error free documentation, satisfying eligibility criteria, and passing the consular interview. Ukraine has 60% visa success rate. 
Each student is unique in terms of eligibility. EEC provides customized guidance in each area of the visa acquiring process.

Travel to Ukraine

Once your visa is confirmed you should book your flight ticket for Ukraine. EEC will inform you about the city and airport. We will also inform you of the various flight options to reach there, documents and items you must carry, climate of the place, health insurance to buy, so on and so forth. 
EEC will arrange airport pickup for you along with other formalities once you reach your destination in Ukraine. Our escort will take you to the university hostel and put you up in the accommodation booked in your name. 

Registration with the university

Our representative will take care of the nitty-gritty of your registration process in the university. You will be required to show the originals of the documents that you had submitted during the admission process. After that you will need to pass a medical checkup. Once that is done, you will be handed your student residential permit, university and hostel identity cards, and academic materials to begin your journey as a student. 
Our help and assistance do not end here, but continue till the end of your course. At any time during your study in Ukraine you may contact us for any problem whatsoever, and we promptly address the same.
European Education Consultancy(EEC) can help you with admission, visa process & getting a letter of invitation from the top universities of your choice in Ukraine. If you don’t know the admission process, visa process, or education eligibility for Studying in Ukraine, just get in touch with us and we will guide you with all the details. Please fill up the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.