How EEC has helped students get their dream college in Ukraine?

How European Education Consultancy has helped students get their dream college in Ukraine
MBBS is among the most sought-after educational qualifications in the world as there is always a demand for doctors and surgeons to serve an increasing number of the population brought under health services.
For more than a decade now, Ukraine has established itself as one of the leading centers for medical higher studies, attracting thousands of international students including a large number of Indian students.

The education system in Ukraine

Ukraine is a member country of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which is a group of 49 countries and the European Commission that has formed the famous Bologna process to ensure uniform academic degree standards and quality assurance standards through mutual cooperation and exchange programs.
As part of the Bologna Process, the member countries of the EHEA follow the three cycles of a higher education system that lead to Bachelor’s degrees in the 1st cycle, Master’s degrees in the 2nd cycle, and Doctoral degrees in the 3rd.
The post-Graduate program combines Masters and Doctorate courses and is backed by a higher level of training, both in the specific discipline and in inter-disciplinary areas (applicable in the Master’s courses) that improves competencies in a professional or academic field.
Another great aspect that makes higher study in the EHEA system unique and rewarding is the introduction of ECTS credit points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System): By this standard, one course or module is worth the same at any university across the EHEA, and students can study and live in different European nations during their study period.
This makes Ukrainian degrees recognized globally (even by UNESCO, WHO, European Association of Universities and European Union) and accepted as equal with degrees of other participating countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, to name a few.
European Education Consultancy is well known as a leading consulting agency that helps aspiring students from all over the world study in the top universities in Ukraine for recognised medical degrees. We have become so popular in India due to our superior knowledge base and comprehensive guidance to the students that covers selection and admission to the right institution, finding accommodation and all other aspects during the course of their study in Ukraine and even regarding career opportunities.
Here are the steps that we follow to help students select and get admitted to a Ukrainian university.


We share the latest facts about the courses, cost, and the country to help students make an overall idea before proceeding further. An example of the same is given below.
Course MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
Duration 5 years + 1-year internship
Medium of instruction English
Eligibility for the Indian students 1.Higher secondary or senior secondary (10 + 2) with minimum 50% marks. 2.NEET score (if wants to practice in India)
Course fee Varies between US$4500 and US$7000 per annum
Living cost Around US$150 per month
Accommodation University hostel, private apartments, students apartment, PG with families
Climatic conditions European climate – cool winter and pleasant summer
Work during study opportunity Available


Then we provide them with a curated list of top medical universities in Ukraine based on their budget and other criteria. This usually comprises additional information such as the accreditation and recognition of the university, special coaching for the MCI(Medical Council of India) screening test, university fee structure, accommodation facilities in the hostel and also in the nearby locality, cost of living and quality of living in the respective city, internship & study tour cum student exchange arrangements with other European universities, etc.

3. Invitation to Study

Once the students select their dream university we guide them in obtaining the ‘Invitation To Study.’ This is very crucial. According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, “all international applicants coming to Ukraine intending to study must obtain a student visa, which is only possible upon receiving an ‘Invitation to study’ from the university they are applying to.”
The ‘Invitation to study’ must be utilised within 180 days from the date of issuance.

4. Guidance for Visa application.

Foreign students need to apply for visa type ‘D’ to the Ukraine visa application centers located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Type ‘D’ visa is a long-stay visa type that will allow the student to stay in Ukraine longer than 90 days. All the required documents must be officially certified before submission to their nearest Ukraine visa application center.

5. Preparation for Visa Interview

After the submission of the documents, the student will have to appear for the consular’s interview. This is a very important step in the process of obtaining a student visa for Ukraine. He/she should have full clarity about the documents they have submitted, their intention of going to Ukraine, the course, and the university they have chosen to pursue higher study in Ukraine.
We provide the students with a sample questionnaire for this purpose

6. Travel to Ukraine

Once the student receives his/her student visa they should book their flight tickets to Ukraine. Then we inform the concerned university about their arrival well before it is scheduled giving the following details for correspondence:
  • Flight Number
  • Flight Departure Time
  • Flight Arrival Time
  • VISA Details
  • Passport number
We send an escort to the airport to receive the student, take him/her to the university and find the accommodation, which was booked beforehand.
It presents a challenge to a young student planning to make a good career in life through studying in an overseas university. There are many factors to deal with, that includes not only the things that are discussed in this article but also the events that may come randomly and require experienced handling, given that it’s a different country, different culture with language barrier.
European Education Consultancy, being a specialist in Ukraine and EHEA countries in terms of systems, norms and nuances, provides immediate help and assistance to the students in all types of situations they might face, throughout their stay in Ukraine and also during the study tours and internship programs that might require visits to other EHEA countries.
The below text link brings you the experiences from a few Indian students, served by the European Education Consultancy, for their study in Ukraine. This video presents the testimonials from these students giving candid descriptions of how their association with EEC stood them in good stead.
Also if you have any questions regarding the cost of living in Ukraine, fee structure of universities, hostel feel, eligibility criteria, travel health insurance, admissions form or visa application form for studying in Ukraine, feel free to get in touch with our experienced staff to guide you with any queries you might have regarding study & work in Ukraine.